teambits Conference

From: 499,00 for 1 week

Use digital moderation and get more out of meetings with many participants and working with larger groups: This is what teambits Conference allows you to do: Brainstorm effective answers to new or recurring questions.  Collect open questions from all participants and put them up for discussion. Discuss findings together. Vote on options quickly and easily. Use your smartphone or tablet to prepare and work digitally with a large group. You gain more control and your participants can join in more easily – even those who are connected via telephone or web conference. Each participant uses their own device. All inputs are automatically documented by teambits Conference and are available for further processing at any time.



  • The digital moderation solution for large groups
  • License including 500 participants*
  • Several parallel meetings can be held (e.g. when working in parallel groups)
  • With the years of experience of event professionals: Fail-safe and highly available
  • Everyone gets their turn: Participants ask their questions via smartphone
  • More control: You decide which questions or contributions you would like to address.
  • Everything is documented: All questions, brainstorming ideas and voting results immediately available in digital form
  • Active collaboration even for colleagues who are connected via telephone or web conference
  • Participation simply via mobile website (device independent for smartphone, tablet, notebook, etc.)
  • no installation required, web-based
  • Effective planning of the issues/questions to be addressed in the conference
  • Moderate during the conference with your smartphone or tablet
  • Your data is secure and GDPR compliant on a server instance hosted exclusively for you
  • Hosting in Germany

Application examples for teambits Conference

  • Departmental or group meetings
  • Sales Conferences
  • Sales training (e.g. interactive walk-arounds)
  • interactive PowerPoint presentations
  • Personnel Conferences
  • Executive meetings
  • Meetings relating to employee participation in the company
  • club or association conferences
  • Large group interventions
  • Meetings in change processes

*Simultaneously connected in one or more meetings

Additional information

multiple events/meetings


number of participants

500 participants included

Questions and opinions from the audience


Moderation of questions and comments


Brainstorming (open questions, map query, BlogWall, WordCloud)


Voting (closed questions)


Scale questions (weightings, prioritisations, etc.)

ad hoc configurable on request as a service

Sequences from brainstorming, clusters and voting

ad hoc configurable on request as a service

Live Statistics


Export von Teilnehmereingaben und – Ergebnissen in Datei


GDPR compliant


Server location (for cloud-based deployment)


Event code


Subdomain wählbar (


Use under customer\'s own domain

against surcharge

Branding (logo and colour scheme with 2 colours)

Global (instance-wide, not meeting related), one-time branding is included

Facilitator Meeting Control Center


Participant Web-App


Participants App for iOS and Android


Add-In for PowerPoint


Consultation on event design

on request as a service

Advice on data security/compliance

on request as a service

temporary WLAN infrastructure and Internet connectivity on site

on request as a service

operational services on site

on request as a service