teambits Meeting Free


Save valuable time and work more efficiently in your daily meetings! This is what teambits Meeting (free) enables you to do: Brainstorm and find answers to new or recurring questions. Collect questions from the team. Discuss findings. Vote on options. Output and reuse results in an ad hoc documentation. With teambits Meeting (free), you can digitally integrate employees and colleagues, whether they are in the room with you or connected via telephone or web conference. Accelerate your collaboration and easily receive the results digitally documented.


Apply for a free account

  • to simulate upcoming events,
  • for the agency pitch or
  • simply for the daily meeting

In the free account all moderation tools are available for up to 25 participants.
An upgrade is possible at any time: get started free of charge, scale as required.

  • digital moderation in the presence meeting
  • License including 25 participants*
  • Active collaboration even for colleagues who are connected via telephone or web conference
  • Participation simply via mobile website (device independent for Smartphone, Tablet, Notebook, etc.)
  • Intuitive preparation of the questions to be answered in the meeting
  • Control the meeting via smartphone or tablet
  • Reuse meeting procedures for recurring meetings
  • flexible export of the meeting protocol
  • Hosting in Germany


*Connected simultaneously in one or more meetings

Additional information

Meetings und Quiz
browserbasierte Steuerungsoberfläche (MCC)
Einbindung von Zoom-Meetings
Einbindung der Teilnehmer-WebApp per iframe in Webseiten
Add-In for PowerPoint
Moderation of questions and comments
Brainstorming (open questions, map query, BlogWall, WordCloud)
Cluster posts
Voting (closed questions)
Scale questions (weightings, prioritisations, etc.)
Sequences from brainstorming, clusters and voting
Live Statistics
Export von Teilnehmereingaben und -Ergebnissen
Event code